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These programs are often spearheaded by organizations, after-school program administrators, church groups, organizational development teams, clubs, and other activities-related enterprises. At the beginning of each paragraph, the reader needs to be able to relate it to previous paragraphs; therefore, transitional words will help enable the essay flow. Without the necessary leadership characteristics firmly possessed, the individual tasked with leading his followers will be ill-equipped to provide any actual help. A leader must be able to define both for himself and for his followers the values of the organization. Do not state too general sentences in your essay statement, collect all the main ideas and find the major one — this is your thesis idea. How to write a thesis statement Write a thesis statement by gathering together all your research, and deciding what your fundamental point is going to be.

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  2. Understand leadership- leadership is a broad term that has many facets- leadership theories, styles, contexts, traits of a good leader, and many more.
  3. I have had numerous leaders that have influenced my career and leadership style to this point.
  4. Figure 2.
  5. Do not state too general sentences in your essay statement, collect all the main ideas and find the major one — this is your thesis idea.

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