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Seek empathy if a gap was involuntary All too often, employment gaps are caused by situations that are out of your control. Mention your new skills in the Skills or Education section of your resume. As you can see from the attached resume, I spent X years doing very similar work as a Y at Z Company. For that reason, explaining a gap in employment when you build a resume or cover letter, or when you interview, is something you might need to do at some point. Since recruiters scan resumes for dates of employment, these gaps will be easy to spot. The best approach is usually to address the issue in a direct and forthright manner. Discuss the gap at the forefront of both your resume and cover letter. Use the one that works best for you: Sample Cover Letter Content Explaining Gap in Employment Are you wondering if your cover letter should use the same header as your resume? An internship with Company X during my studies convinced me that this field is the perfect match for my skills and interests. Life works that way. How about volunteering?
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How to Explain an Employment Gap on Your Resume

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Cover Letters & References After a Break | iRelaunch The same advice applies to education.

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Gaps in your CV: How to explain unemployment

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Here three simple resume and cover letter tips for SAHMs to address their work gap:

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How to Explain Gaps in Employment in a Resume/Cover Letter/Interview

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