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Specimen request meaning, guidelines for specimen collection

When finished, elevate the heel, place a piece of clean, dry cotton on the puncture site, and hold it in place until the bleeding has stopped. The same collection techniques also apply to samples sent specimen request meaning virological investigation. Avoid a probing, traumatic venipuncture. Avoid prolonged tourniquet application no more than 2 minutes; less than 1 minute is optimal. Therefore, specimens from sites such as lower respiratory tract sputumnasal sinuses, superficial wounds, fistulae, and others require care in collection. This can facilitate collaboration between the laboratory, with the microbiology expertise, and the specimen collection personnel, who may know little about microbiology or what the laboratory needs in order to establish or confirm a diagnosis. Specimen request meaning the scoop attached to the inside of the lid of the specimen container place faecal material into the container. If another site is not available, collect the specimen distal to the hematoma.


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Specimen Requirements - Pathology South Pathology South If this is not done the unlabelled specimen is discarded the same day.

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Specimen Collection – Laboratory Services & Consultations Limited

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  • Avoid the side of the finger where there is less soft tissue, where vessels and nerves are located, and where the bone is closer to the surface.
  • Several essential steps are required for every successful collection procedure: Venipuncture Procedure: A phlebotomist must have a professional, courteous, and understanding manner in all contact with all patients.
  • The best locations for fingersticks are the 3rd middle and 4th ring fingers of the non-dominant hand.

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Specimen | Definition of Specimen by Merriam-Webster

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Rejected Specimen Policy

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Information for Clinicians

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