33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters — Well-Storied.

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What keeps you coming back? Here are three ways you can rewrite one paragraph: Write the paragraph using vivid descriptive detail — include abortion argumentative essay thesis literary device such as a metaphor or simile to describe a thought or action Write the paragraph with as few as words as possible. What are your exercise goals? Or, maybe Jane finds out the school is planning to poison the students during lunch next Tuesday and only she can save everyone. With the second example, we are more descriptive — Mindy is looking at the ocean through puffy, blurry eyes and then comparing the outburst of tears like an unexpected ocean storm. Who was your best friend in college? In plot-driven work, it can be very tricky balancing a complex character with a dynamic storyline. As soon as you show the character genuinely caring about the world, the reader starts to care.

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Why should you develop character questions?

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  4. Give your character a voice.

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Robb, John Sandford, Nevada Barr, Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly… Read a few books in a series ideally from the beginning and watch the way that these writers develop their characters over time. Where were you born?

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33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters

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33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters — Well-Storied.

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5 Tips For Creating Characters Readers Can't Wait to Come Back To | The Creative Penn Is your main character a college student?

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Creating Interesting Characters

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Advice from a creative writing tutor

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What is Character Development? Why Does it Matter?

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Creative Writing Tips and Techniques - Creating Characters

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My Favorite Technique for Fleshing-Out a Character - Creative Writing

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13 ways to create compelling characters Not so fast. Then fill in the answers to the questions as they are provided.

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