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Creative writing uc riverside, turn your writing passion into a profession with ucr palm desert

I was always asking her questions about my essays and getting clarity on the things that I didn't understand. I will never forget what he said, and I have come to learn that he was not alone in that way of thinking. People may not think it, but with like-minded peers, I do tend to have many interesting, intellectually-stimulating conversations about various subjects ranging from politics to quantum theory to global poverty to pathology to health. It also takes a lot of creativity. The majority of the professors at UCR are often well acquainted with their students. The Department is open and friendly, but the program is rigorous and demands a great deal of work from each student. Others who skip classes generally do not care much for competition either because they are brilliant or just want a passing grade and to have fun in college.


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UCR: Department of Creative Writing

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UCR: Department of Creative Writing

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You might find that you need to restructure your thesis. If a title helps focus your writing, then make one up now.

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