[DOC] Towards Corporate Liability in International Criminal Law [Executive Summary of PhD Thesis]

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Studies of factors influencing the behaviour of judges have generally focused either on micro-level factors, primarily the policy position of judges, or macro-level factors, primarily the relationship between States and international courts. The interplay between international refugee law, migration law and international criminal justice Human trafficking as a crime against humanity The funding of war: the sale of antiquities, trafficking and money laundering Comparison of human rights courts and Online thesis supervisor Criminal Tribunals ICTs when addressing war crimes The legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals ICTs Environmental damage under ICL. This dissertation relies on a number of secondary sources in existing academic and non-academic literature. The crime of genocide is defined by Art. This further underscores the importance of understanding the development of international criminal law by ICT judges. Overall, this thesis aims to identify avenues by which the Prosecutor can contribute to turning the Court into a more responsive institution, striking a balance between the preservation of its independence and open interaction with its stakeholders. To achieve a masters dissertation proofreading effect on the legitimacy of the Court, it is also required that the Prosecutor deliberates on individual decisions and makes these decisions more transparent. The thesis findings show that exploring both the micro and macro-levels provide important insights into judicial behaviour at the ICTs. University of Detroit Mercy Law Review. International law is not strictly a modern tradition, yet it has changed throughout the ages to encompass different meanings. In addition, some general legal principles will be covered so that an informed argument may be explored in subsequent chapters on the legal implications of sovereignty under international law. The issues that opposition to the Court raise over state sovereignty will be considered.
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Making international criminal law: factors influencing judicial behaviour at the ICTY and ICTR

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[DOC] Towards Corporate Liability in International Criminal Law [Executive Summary of PhD Thesis]

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Making international criminal law: factors influencing judicial behaviour at the ICTY and ICTR

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