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This may sometimes also be sexual desire. In addition to infatuation, one person hangs on to the other and there is a high level of fear To truly experience love. Her infatuation with the creative painting grew to an obsessive passion. The intensity of the emotion is strong but not pure like love. Infatuation, on the other hand, may start with physical attraction and gives a feeling of being in love. The feeling instantly grows and instantly fades. Everything is the sister act characters this person. Arguably, this scene is the most crucial point in the play, as this is where they both meet, and their love and loyalties divide between them and their families.

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Love vs Infatuation

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Essay on Love vs Infatuation - Words | Major Tests

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: Infatuation or Love? | Bartleby It acts on instinct and on the spur of the moment. To truly love someone involves overlooking all flaws and imperfections they display.

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What are some differences and similarities between love and infatuation?

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