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For instance, a package resource set to installed in your manifest will trigger a package installation on the system if the package was not previously installed. Now let's say you need to make sure a task is executed before another. Next Page As described in the previous chapter, function provides the user with a privilege of developing custom functions. The next section will give you an overview of the most important elements and features that can be used to write Puppet manifests. Where to put your functions Functions are implemented in individual. We do this with the require statement. Module Testing All classes, defined types, and custom extensions should have associated testing. The Puppet master catches custom functions which means that one needs to restart the Puppet master, if one does some changes in Puppet function. The params class contains variables that can be referenced by classes in letter apply job vacancy module. The items marked master thesis construction project management red are the exact changes that you need to make on the four database-related lines.

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Writing Manifests

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Puppet - Custom Functions

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First Function — small steps

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Install your module

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Writing Custom Function

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What are functions?

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  1. Note: this guide is intended to introduce you to the Puppet language and how to write manifests to automate your server provisioning.
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