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Question 2: What is your motivation for this study? The second question takes a specific angle with scope to make an original argument, and has more relevance to current social concerns and debates. Look at the template below and consider each of the sections. Although our data seems to best fit the overlapping subnetworks model, it is only one interpretation of our results. Manageable You need to be realistic about the scope and scale of the project. Question What do you plan to do with your research project after Graduation? Steps to developing a research question: Choose an interesting general topic. Your purpose statement can also mention the participants and the research site. Provides scope for debate and deliberation Thesis website development answer to the question should not just be a simple statement of fact: there needs to be space for you to discuss and thesis study questions what you found. Do you like interviewing? Expand the likely questions to
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Thesis statement about advantages of technology thesis of declaration of independence qualitative dissertation example sales assistant cover letter no experience.

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