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The New Wedding Speech Traditionally the father of the bride, best man and groom were the only people who formally toasted at a wedding, but nowadays we're seeing the bride, maid of honour and bridesmaid say a few words, and in some occasions the 'Toast Time' opening up to the floor. Remember - toast not roast. Use our list as a guideline and make your own order that will work out better for you. When it comes to what to say, your intention should be to make both spouses and all guests smile Again, this is an optional but nice part of the wedding speech order, so if the couple is hesitant about speaking in front of a crowd, they can go from table to table during the reception sample cover letter for accounting internship position express their thanks in a more personal, intimate way. Your bridesmaid might sing a song or a wedding guest might have written a poem to celebrate your marriage - tailor your speeches to your day, and don't let tradition dictate who gets their say on your Big Day. We have seen a huge increase in the use of props and slideshow presentations during speeches, particularly by the best man, whose job it is to add some humour and embarrass the bride and groom just a little. Thank your mother, mother-in-law and the dads. Reading of important messages. Depending on your situation, you may want to adjust the order of indeed jobs cover letter speeches.
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Wedding Speech Handy Hints

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How to Give a Wedding Toast

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Wedding speech order & who says what

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