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Indeed, where homework is concerned, a commitment to excellence with equity is both worthwhile and attainable. It can, for example, provide opportunities for parents to see what their children are learning in school and help families communicate with their children and school staff. I do agree with the rationale behind these daily assignments: Homework reinforces skills, concepts and information learned in class. And what of affluent families, where resources are plenty but the pressures to succeed are great? We also write poetry, lists, headlines, photo captions, book reviews and more. Our staff and students work very hard for their successes.

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  • Does Homework Really Help Students Learn? | Bostonia | BU Alumni Magazine

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And it can give parents an opportunity to see what's going on at school and let them express positive attitudes toward achievement. Concluding Words There are many academic benefits that come with doing your homework in terms of your academic and general success.

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  1. Bostonia: Parents and educators who are against homework in elementary school say there is no research definitively linking it to academic performance for kids in the early grades.
  2. It does kids a disservice when our expectations are lower for them.
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