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Logo — very important, as recipients need to know whom the letter is from instantly. Center this below the bottom line on the page. Phd thesis guidelines the choice of stock as part of your letterhead design process can help to cement your artwork in its new home, producing something pleasingly tactile and visual. A landscape-oriented rectangle is ideal for most letterhead designs. A simple way to add sophistication to your design is to print solid colour on the reverse of the letterhead, and overprint a spot-UV design that will reflect light differently to the non-UV-printed areas. Customer Service Have a question or need help placing an order? The rest is up to you. After that, a return address, telephone number or email address are all needed; but they're not quite as important as the company name.

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Convert Your Design into a Microsoft Word Letterhead Template — SitePoint Trello makes this extremely easy, as you can simply drag and drop each card i. Colour is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break your letterhead design — but as the insanity defence dissertation goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

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If you're ready to polish up your brand, we'll show you how to use the Adobe Spark free letterhead maker to create an image that will live up to your company name. Now your.

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