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Strengthen physical descriptions by making details more specific. Well-placed verbs can sharpen almost any physical description of a character. Was it a stormy afternoon? A leather valise with a gold monogram on the handle? The main way I use character description in my stories is as a form of characterization. For Kundera, a novel is more a meditation on ideas and the private world of the mind than reliable essay writing services realistic depiction of characters. Already a much more visceral image — one of little pieces — underlies this more expressive describing word.

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  • Again, be as specific as possible.
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11 Secrets to Writing an Effective Character Description

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  • You just need to describe the best things.
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  1. You should give most of the attention to your main characters, and then add a little detail to your secondary characters.
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11 Secrets to Writing an Effective Character Description

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2. Flesh out character descriptions from multiple characters’ viewpoints

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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Character Descriptions - Ink and Quills Many writers have trouble moving beyond hair and eye color in their descriptions, and I get it. Her prejudices, fears, and beliefs will also affect the way she treats others.

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