"Losing New Graduate Bedside Nurses, a Practice Improvement Initiative" by Beverly Elaine Miller

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The syllabus aims to cover: situational analysis. The Applied Dissertation is embedded within the Ed. Many academic institutions require the final project be summarized in a manuscript or paper that can be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or other avenue to ensure DNP work is used to influence positive change. View All Articles. During the second year, students develop a potential solution, such as an intervention or policy change, and a plan to study the implementation and predicted outcomes. Dissertation practice improvement widely applicable? For the PhD student, the process of conducting original, independent research marks a significant transition from passively reading research to actively creating research.

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  2. Dissemination of the final project is a key component of the DNP degree.
  3. How is this problem playing out in your professional context?
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Better research, better learning, better insights.

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The module aims to:

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