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You may want to use a grammar checker to help you identify potential run-on sentences or too-frequent use of the passive voice, but you need to be able to evaluate the feedback it provides. Are you seeking editing help? Not only does it have the ability to check for copied writings, but it will also find similar work on topics that other writers have published. Apart from the fact that it works well, Paper Rater is also completely free online based tool. Maybe, you already research instrument in thesis meaning to hand it in. Proofread for only one kind of error at a time. But like it or not, the way a paper looks affects the way others judge it. Then read each sentence separately, looking for grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. You have to know how to use modern technologies. For fun. While this app is completely free on all iOS devices, it does come with a pro version that you can purchase. If you make any changes here, remember to resubmit to get updated feedback.

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